New Album Out 2017

Hot on the heels of his ‘My Story’ release, Swedish keyboard player Mattias Roos is all set to make his Skytown Records debut with ‘Movin’ Up’, a tight ten-track collection that he writes, arranges and produces throughout. As such it is a glittering showcase for his multiplicity of talents and sure to attract the kind of critical acclaim Roos first enjoyed in 2016 with the run-away hit single ‘Dreaming’. From Sweden, but with a feeling that is right out of LA, ‘Movin’ Up’ is not just the name of the album, it is a statement that here is an artist who is at the very top of his game and Movin’ Up to smooth jazz stardom.
 Mattias Roos – Movin´ Up

About Mattias

Mattias Roos is a Swedish musician, songwriter and producer with a quite long track record to his name on the Swedish music scene.
His keyboard work and songwriting skills can be heard in a series of songs spanning over several music genres. As well as being a solo artist and a ‘go-to’ keyboard player for a number of top-flight Swedish performers, Roos is also a founding member of the band Soweco that he formed with drummer Peter Gustavsson in 2011.  Soweco is well known for fusing smooth jazz grooves with an old school vibe 

The Music

Mattias original music has a flavor of smooth and that west coast vibe to it.Even though he’s living in Sweden you can easily imagine his music being played in the car on Highway 1 in California.


The main project right now is to release his new album Movin´Up, a brand new album that features artists like U-nam, Elan Trotman, Dwayne ”Smitty” Smith, and many more.
He’s also a part of the creative collective Soweco, where he plays keyboards and co-writes and co-produce the songs